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Pet Loss At Home connects pet owners with compassionate mobile veterinarians who provide private pet euthanasia in the comfort of home.

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Euthanasia is a valuable opportunity to give our cherished pet relief from terrible pain and suffering. Pet Loss At Home is here to support you. When the time comes, choose to say goodbye in the privacy and comfort of your own home, yard, special park, or meaningful beach setting.

Multiple Vets=Enhanced Availability:

  • 8am-8pm
  • Seven Days A Week
  • Within 1 to 3 Hours Notice
  • Daytime, Evenings, Weekends, Sundays, and Holidays
  • Same Day Home Visits
  • Emergency Situations At Home

There Is Help To Get Through This Difficult Time:

      • Help with the Euthanasia Decision:  Call (877) 219-4811 or Click Here For Email. Vets can help you with the agonizing conflict about what is the best thing to do in your situation.
      • Quality of Life Factors & Signs of Suffering Info: Click through the Frequently Asked Questions on the right.
      • Compassionate Veterinarians: We partner with gentle mobile veterinarians who have a heartfelt understanding and sensitivity for supporting people through the euthanasia of their beloved pet.
      • Plan a Peaceful Setting: The privacy and comfort of your own home or yard may be the best location. If you choose to gather at a meaningful park or beach setting, a vet can meet you there. Consider playing relaxing music, lighting the room with candles, or reading a poem or prayer. You may lay out blankets, pillows, photos, or special pet toys. Think about arranging for out-of-town family to Skype-in or FaceTime from your home computer if they wish to be present but are unable to travel.
      • Most Comfortable:  Vets sedate your pet first using relaxing anesthesia under the skin with a tiny needle. This ensures that your pet is completely unconscious & unaware of the final vein injection.  
      • Clay Paw Print Impressions: Optional paw imprint pressed in patty of clay after pet has passed. Dries in room air over 3-4 days. No baking needed.
      • Equipped To Handle Cremation Transport For You:  The vet can take your pet’s body with them and handle cremation for you. The vet can also stay to assist with lifting out to your home burial site. They carry several different sized stretchers and baskets and move the body gently and gracefully. Please set aside two large dry towels and a blanket or bed sheet to aid transport. Most vets work alone and do need help lifting heavy dogs. One other person is enough usually. 3-4 people are needed for giant breeds. (Clients very concerned about cremation are best reassured by taking their pet’s body to crematorium themselves.)
      • Grief Support:  Take steps to move through your grief by utilizing the list of pet loss counselors, support groups, therapy CD’s, books & websites.    
      • Post Your Tribute: Visit our Facebook page to post a photo and dedication or submit a testimonial to our website.