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Say Goodbye In The Comfort Of Home, 8am to 8pm, Seven Days A Week

Vet Clinics

If you occasionally struggle with availability for house calls, referring to Pet Loss At Home is an option for veterinary clinics and fellow mobile vets who understand the importance of providing the private home setting when clients are faced with relieving their pet’s suffering through the gift of euthanasia.  Pet Loss At Home is a growing and respected national network of compassionate veterinarians dedicated to providing private pet euthanasia in the comfort of home.

  • Clients May Call 877-219-4811
  • Compassionate Local Veterinarians Readily Available
  • 8am-8pm, Seven Days A Week
  • Daytime, Evenings, Weekends, Sundays, and Holidays
  • Same Day Home Visits Within 1 to 3 Hours Notice
  • Private Peaceful Setting Options: Home, Yard, Favorite Park, Meaningful Beach Location
  • Relaxing Sedation: Telazol, Ace, Atropine, plus Xylazine in dogs
  • Free Clay Paw Print Impressions: Crayola Air Dry Clay
  • Cremation Transport: Four Flags Quick Carry Aluminum Frame & Soft Carry Stretchers
  • Grief Support Resources

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Rob & Dr. Karen Twyning: Founders of Pet Loss At Home

Rob & Dr. Karen Twyning: Founders of Pet Loss At Home