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Keepsake Products

Bare Heart Buddy is not just a teddy bear….it is a memory keepsake, friend, and therapeutic tool that helps families work through their grief and provides a lasting connection to their loved one.

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Custom Pet Portrait Drawn from Photo

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Custom Pet Portrait Paintings on Canvas: Pet Portraits by Bethany

Pet Portraits by Bethany1 Keepsake Products

Pet Portraits by Bethany



Plant a Beautiful, Decorative Tree as a Living Memorial:

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Pet Perennials is a memorial product that brings forth new life from the life of your beloved pet.  Love, Seeds, Life.

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Blown Glass Cremation Ash Memorial Votive Urn Pet Ash Memorials16 278x300 Keepsake ProductsCremation Ash Pet Memorial Votive Cremation Jewelry Memorial Candle Holder 300x250 Keepsake Products
Using our exclusive glassblowing process, we fuse the cremation ash of your pet into a richly colored Hand-Blown Memorial Votive  or fill it with flowers to create a beautiful Memorial Vase.

Cremation Jewelry Keepsake Pendant Contains a Portion of Ashes

EverLasting Memories:

Jewelry Keepsakes:

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Artist Handmade One-Of-A-Kind Pet Urns:

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Biodegradable Pet Urn Includes Tree Seed of Your Choice: My Eternal Family Tree

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Bury Ashes & Tree Will Grow

Farewell Urn Kit 300x224 Keepsake Productsallitemsdarker 300x162 Keepsake Products
Farewell Pet Kit: Urns, Keepsake Boxes, and Caskets
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Engraved Stone Pet Memorials:

Here at Adirondack Stone Works, we craft natural bluestone pet memorials and pet grave     markers. We are not a reseller of stones. We sell what we make. This is why we are able to make our stones so affordable and are able to get them to you so fast, in about a week from when you place your order.

Mourning Lights custom printed glass memorial candleholders

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Custom 3D Laser Crystal Engraving & Memorial Keepsakes: Memories in Crystal

Metal Cross Pet Memorial Keepsake:

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a05a27637bc523ec959d87e4cc75c516 rg76 251x300 Keepsake ProductsPet Photo Fused Glass Memorial Pendants:
J&J Glass Designs specializes in custom made Pet Photo Fused Glass Memorial Pendants. Unlike other fused glass pendants, we carefully use a small amount of the ashes with the pet’s actual photo, and fuse them together in glass in our kiln. This process becomes a beautiful Pendant Keepsake necklace.

Websites for Keepsake & Memorial Products – Honor a special pet with the gift of trees.  – Personalized books based on your animal’s own story – Pet cremation urns, jewelry, plaques, grave markers, caskets - Garden stones and memorial cairns, rock sculptures - Urns for dogs, cats, and horses - Pet memorial paperweights that integrate cremains - Pet memorial garden stones  – Memorial stepping stones and benches - Natural stone pet urns and markers for your garden - Pet urns and caskets - Silver/gold hand-crafted mementoes designed to hold ashes, fur, or

whiskers  – Handcrafted, hardwood pet urns; personalization is

available. – Design your own pottery urn

www.bestfriendservices.comPet urns, figurines, grave markers, and ash pendants – Living memorials – Custom-made ceramic urns – Custom-made sculpture urns  – Custom-made stuffed animals in the likeness of your pet  – Memorial candles and pictures frames  – Death announcements and memorial cards – Name-a-star memorials – Pet urns, keepsakes, gifts for pet lovers and new pets