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Westchester, Rockland, Bronx Home Pet Euthanasia

Serving Westchester, Rockland and Bronx Counties

  • Dr. Jana Josel is typically available 7 days/week
  • Private Home Euthanasia with Relaxing Sedation $350-$425
  • Clay Paw Print & Fur Clipping Free
  • Body Transport, Cremation, Nothing Saved $200-$300
  • Body Transport, Cremation, Ashes Saved $300-$400

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How To Prepare For A Home Visit:

  • A home visit usually lasts 60 minutes. Some appointments last as little as 15-30 minutes or as long as 2-4 hours depending on the situation.
  • The goodbye setting can involve friends, family, neighbors, Skype, FaceTime, other pets, candles, quiet music, dim lighting, flowers, photos, telling stories, sharing fond memories, kleenex and towels/soft blankets/pillows. Most home visits take place inside the home on the floor, couch, or bed or in the yard on blankets. We can meet at a beach or park as well.
  • The process begins with paperwork and payment. It’s best to get this out of the way first while everyone is more put together. Cash or check (written out to the vet’s name) are preferred. Credit card is available.
  • The second step is sedation by injection using the smallest needle possible in the most comfortable under the skin location. Most pets do well and hold still for this administration. Some squirm a little and some vocalize from the feeling of liquid going under the skin. Some pets are extremely grouchy, more reactive, more sensitive, more difficult to work with because their disease makes their body extra-sensitive to minor pain. A food distraction (tub of ice cream, peanut butter, bowl of chicken cubes) can work very well here for some dogs and even cats (milk, tuna). If you are worried about your pet’s sensitive state, chronic pain overload or unstable medical condition, we can discuss that.
  • Once your pet is comfortably and peacefully under anesthesia, a back leg vein is used to do the final overdose. You and your family can be by your pet’s head. The vet will stay by your pet’s tail.
  • The vet can gently transport your pet’s body for you and arrange for cremation service. Their vehicle has a large padded bed in the back. A stretcher or basket will be used to gracefully lift the covered body out to the vehicle. There are two options for cremation: group/communal/no ashes saved OR private/individual/yes ashes saved/returned to you. Return usually takes 1-2 weeks via personal delivery or shipping. Rush cremation/return can be arranged. You can also attend/view the cremation.
  • A clay paw print (or several) can be made for you at the home visit. This keepsake is free and optional.
  • Please set aside two large bath towels and a blanket or bed sheet that the vet can keep. Also have a box of kleenex, food distraction, and payment ready.