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  • Help with the Euthanasia Decision Free
  • Private Home Euthanasia $300
  • Clay Paw Print Impressions Free
  • Gentle Body Transport & Cremation $100-$350
  • Grief Support Resources

Pet Loss At Home connects pet owners with mobile veterinarians in a growing number of cities nationwide. Our focus is availability for home euthanasia 8am-8pm, 7 days a week, within 1-3 hours notice same day. You can look forward to more and more reliable home euthanasia service as we partner with more and more compassionate veterinarians.

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  • Our Smart 800# connects you with a mobile veterinarian in your area
  • Dr. Lisa Kidby services a one hour radius of Portland, Oregon including Vancouver, Washington
  • More veterinarians and more service areas being added regularly

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God Bless You for this service. My 14 year old mini-Schnauzer, went downhill very quickly over the weekend and I did not want to wait until Monday to euthanize him at the vet clinic (although I love the vet). I found your site and sent an email early Sunday morning. Dr. Lisa came to us within 2 hours and we were able to have a lovely passing in front of a roaring fire. I cannot say enough about how compassionate, appropriate and professional she is (by extension, you, too). She was able to walk us through the entire process, did not flinch when I pulled out the Marianne Williamson prayer book and prayed over everyone for a peaceful passing. She stepped out discreetly for a few minutes for me to grieve him one last time. You know what I really love about your site? The way you state that small pets ride in the front seat. He loved to “drive” in the front seat as a treat (restrained, of course and never on highway). Dr. Lisa provided a beautiful basket for his body. We tucked in our love letters, his kong toy and his baby teeth (yes, I saved them) and we both carried him out to the van. Since I had already pre-arranged his cremation, Dr. Lisa was able to keep his body overnight and she had delivered him to the location by the time I had called early Monday to say he was coming. Thank you thank you thank you. Please, everyone reading this, if you can, let your dear pet die at home. He slurpped chicken noodle soup right until the end. And then his legendary heart of a terrier was still. Ears back. Paws out. Prancing schnauzer.

How To Prepare For A Home Visit With Pet Loss At Home

  • A home visit usually lasts 60 minutes. Please set aside a box of Kleenex for tears, two large bath towels that can get peed on, and a blanket or bed sheet to be used as a respectful wrap/cover. Payment and paperwork are done first to get that out of the way while everyone is still a little more composed. Cash or check (made out to the vet’s name) are preferred. Credit card available with free processing.
  • The goodbye setting can involve friends, family, neighbors, Skype, FaceTime, other pets, candles, quiet music, dim lighting, flowers, photos, telling stories, sharing fond memories, kleenex and towels/soft blankets/pillows. Most home visits take place inside the home on the floor, couch, or bed or in the yard on blankets. We can meet at a beach or park as well.
  • The process is started with a tiny needle injection of relaxing sedative under the skin that most pets accept extremely well. Most pets hold still for this administration, some squirm a little, some vocalize from the pressure of liquid going under the skin. A food distraction can work very well here for some dogs and even cats (milk, tuna). If you are worried about your pet’s sensitive personality, chronic pain overload or unstable medical condition, we can discuss that.
  • Once your pet is comfortably and peacefully under anesthesia, then a back leg vein is used to do the final overdose. You and your family can be by your pet’s head. Changes to expect: eyes will remain somewhat open, tongue may relax out, breathing faster/slower.
  • You can keep your pet’s body or the vet can handle gentle transport for cremation service. The vet’s vehicle has a large padded bed in the back and comes equipped with a stretcher (the vet needs help lifting). There are two options for cremation: group/communal/no ashes saved OR private/individual/yes ashes saved/returned to you. Return usually takes 1-2 weeks. Rush cremation/return can be arranged. You can also attend/view the cremation.
  • A clay paw print (or several) can be made for you at the home visit and fur clipping saved in a paw print fabric drawstring bag. Those keepsakes are free and optional.