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Dr. Karen Twyning is available Saturday April 25th at 11am or Sunday April 26 between noon-8pm and then 24/7 short notice after that. If you need a home visit while I’m unavailable, please try one of these mobile vets:

Dr. Melissa Gallick 262-210-1167

Dr. Niqole Varani 262-623-6231

Dr. Barb Rossi 414-352-8049

Dr. Monica Inniss 414-303-2504

Dr. Tom Kruske 414-305-4198

Dr. Ann-Marie Schmid 262-995-3173

Dr. Dionne Harrell Waters 262-649-6628

Dr. Sandy Miller 262-534-9392

Dr. Bob McClanahan 414-434-7035

Dr. Katie Hilst 608-347-1897

Dr. Carrie Donahue 608-620-4729

Dr. Kristi Arnquist 608-695-1110

Dr. Amanda Pike 608-622-1963

Dr. Lisa DeMumbrum-Lee 608-441-8579

Dr. Karen Bryant 608-335-5777

Doc Shambow 608-743-1473

Dr. Ann Plata 608-575-1047

Dr. Elaine Burkhart 608-423-7260

Serving 100-mile radius of Milwaukee:  Kenosha – Madison – Fond du Lac Area

  • Dr. Karen Twyning and Dr. Alli Troutman are typically available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, within 1-3 hours notice same day
  • Private Home Euthanasia with Relaxing Sedation $300 plus add body care listed below
  • Clay Paw Print & Fur Clipping Free
  • Body Transport, Cremation, Nothing Saved $100-$150
  • Body Transport, Cremation, Ashes Saved $300-$350

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Milwaukee Home Pet Euthanasia

Dr. Karen Twyning

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Mequon, WI: Dr Karen….today you put our Indy to rest. I didn’t realize you are the founder of this fabulous company! I am not sure that you will ever know what your short visit with us today really meant to our family. Your kindness and gentleness with us adults, our children, our other animals and most important, Indy was such a great experience. I am still sitting here with tears as I am typing this (and Henry is still asking me if I am crying!). Your website is set up so well that we had many of our questions answered beforehand – the most important one being ‘is it really the right time yet’. Every little detail that you prepared us for in the process felt very genuine. The gifts you left us will be cherished for a very long time. I will be eternally thankful to you that my last vision of Indy is him sleeping in his coffin (well, ok box :-) ) covered up so snugly in his blankets. I am so thankful that we had this opportunity today to be with you. I know you know that you do such an important thing…but I am not sure you will ever know what it means to us. Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts. May your smiles be more plentiful than tears. (Sorry if we made you cry.)

Darien, WI: Thank you Dr. Twyning for coming over to our home sooooo early today (4am)!! Angus was in a lot of pain, and we didn’t want him to suffer any longer. Thanks for having your service available, don’t know what we would of done. This is the second time, unfortunately for us, that we have had you come to our home quickly, short notice. You are so caring and understanding, and you take such good care of our loved ones. Thanks again for all you have done for us. You are an Angel!!!

Milwaukee, WI: Thank you for thinking of us- the card was so beautiful and thoughtful, and the e-mail is much appreciated. I have told many people about the exceptional and compassionate care you provided to our family. As difficult of a day it was- you made it that much easier and peaceful for everyone- most importantly Iggy.

Racine, WI: Dr. Karen Twyning was amazing, gentle, sympathetic, and compassionate. She understood how difficult it was for us to put our cat of 21 years to sleep. Thanks to her, we did not have to traumatize our cat by taking him somewhere. He was able to pass away in the comfort of his home on my lap. As difficult of a time that it was, she made it as good as it could possibly be. Thank you so much for this wonderful service. 

Trevor, WI: We cannot begin to thank you enough for how you made a very difficult day for us bearable because you made our beloved family member comfortable and resting easy in her final moments.  You are truly a gifted and wonderful person.  We have been telling everyone about how you made the whole experience better for us and most important for our Jaz.  Again words cannot express how thankful we are for how you helped us.

How To Prepare For A Home Visit With Pet Loss At Home:

  • A home visit usually lasts 60 minutes. Please set aside a few helpful items that the mobile vet can keep: two large bath towels that can get peed on and a blanket or bed sheet to be used as a respectful wrap/cover.
  • The goodbye setting can involve friends, family, neighbors, Skype, FaceTime, other pets, candles, quiet music, dim lighting, flowers, photos, telling stories, sharing fond memories, kleenex and towels/soft blankets/pillows. Most home visits take place inside the home on the floor, couch, or bed or in the yard on blankets. We can meet at a beach or park as well.
  • The process is started with a tiny injection of relaxing sedative that most pets accept extremely well. Most pets hold still for this administration, some squirm a little, some vocalize from the pressure of liquid going under the skin. A food distraction can work very well here for some dogs and even cats (milk, tuna). If you are worried about your pet’s sensitive personality, chronic pain overload or unstable medical condition, we can discuss that.
  • Once your pet is comfortably and peacefully under anesthesia, then a back leg vein is used to do the final overdose which your pet will not know about or feel. You and your family can be by your pet’s head and the vet will be by your pet’s tail.
  • You can keep your pet’s body or the vet can take it with and arrange for cremation service. The vet’s vehicle has a large padded bed in the back and comes equipped with a stretcher (the vet needs help lifting). There are two options for cremation: group/communal/no ashes saved OR private/individual/yes ashes saved/returned to you. Return usually takes 1-2 weeks. Rush cremation/return can be arranged. You can also attend/view the cremation.
  • A clay paw print (or several) can be made for you at the home visit and fur clipping saved in a paw print fabric drawstring bag. Those keepsakes are free and optional.
  • Cash or check (made out to the mobile vet’s name) are preferred. Credit card available with free processing.